COVID/Coronavirus Writing

When you need quick-turnaround COVID/coronavirus coverage to keep up with a fast-changing situation, I can help. I’m a seasoned and award-winning science, medical, and healthcare writer who also has experience writing about HR, employment, and the world of work. 

My niches include:

  • Consumer health articles about COVID/coronavirus
  • Health system digital content about COVID/coronavirus
  • B2B and B2C content about coronavirus impacts on business

While I will consider all assignments, some of the topics I specialize in include:

  • COVID/coronavirus consumer health questions and concerns
  • Coronavirus impacts on healthcare system supply chain
  • Coronavirus impacts on HealthIT systems
  • Coronavirus as it relates to medical conditions (diabetes, cancer, etc.)
  • Mental health and wellness in the time of coronavirus
  • Remote work during COVID/coronavirus
  • Emergency preparedness and crisis management
  • Parenting during coronavirus
  • Coronavirus shutdown impacts on Hawaii tourism and business

If you’re a freelance writer looking for resources to navigate the COVID/coronavirus crisis, read my post: How Freelancers Can Pivot Into COVID/Coronavirus Writing