Books by Ilima Loomis

By Ilima Loomis
with Photography by Amanda Cowan
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2019)

For solar physicist Shadia Habbal, the Great American Eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017, is the chance of a lifetime. Shadia uses solar eclipses to study the sun’s corona, or atmosphere. Now she’s assembled her biggest team ever in the hopes of making a breakthrough discovery. Follow along as Shadia counts down to totality, when she’ll have only two minutes and three seconds to make history. Pre-order Eclipse Chaser today!

by Ilima Loomis
with illustrations by Don Robinson
Island Heritage (2008)

Join Ka’imi on his quest to be a real paniolo (cowboy) as he sets out on his first round-up with his papa and other cowboys. Through the experience, Ka’imi finds that being a cowboy is much more challenging than he expected.

by Ilima Loomis

Island Heritage (2006)

Paniolo have ridden the misty mountain jungles, high plains and rugged volcanic slopes of remote Hawaii for more than 175 years, adapting the craft of western cowboys to the unique conditions of the islands – from swimming cattle to boats for shipment, to dodging lava tubes. Coming from a rainbow of ethnic groups that made Hawaii their home, these brave men of the islands challenged wild bulls, wild horses, and wild lands in pursuit of success and adventure.


Winner of the Hawaii Literary Arts Council’s 2006 Elliot Cades Award for Literature.