About Ilima Loomis

I like making sense of things. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than taking a dense, complicated subject, figuring it out, and putting it into words that help someone say “aha!” This passion for explaining wears thin at dinner parties, but it’s been my secret weapon for more than 15 years as a professional writer.

When editors need someone who can cover a technical subject in a way that’s accessible and interesting — and gets the science right — they call me.

Need to explain the search for dark matter in 350 words or less? I can do that. Help people understand what hospital safety ratings mean for their healthcare? You bet. I can even write about a subject as complex as nanomedicine in language so simple, a child can understand it.

As a freelance writer, I specialize in reporting on scientific research, especially in the areas of Earth and planetary science, oceans, astronomy, space, modeling, and remote sensing. I also write about hospitals, healthcare, small business, aquaculture and fisheries. I have an insider’s knowledge of Hawaii and am always available to help cover something in the Aloha State, whether it’s reporting on a breaking news event, providing conference writing services, or offering my best Hawaii travel tips.

I’ve written for clients including AAA, Alaska Airlines, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Culinary Foundation, the American Geophysical Union, Bank of Hawaii, Costco Connection, Educational Resource Systems, Freelance Success, the Global Aquaculture Alliance, HawaiianAirlines.com, Hilton, Let’s Win, Nature, the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific Foundation, the Society for Science & the Public, the Tula Foundation, the Wailea Resort Association, and the Wellness Group. In addition to articles, my services include blog posts, newsletters, websites, bios, ghostwriting, and other custom content.

My clients come back to me again and again because they know I’m easy to work with and my work will be solid, polished, and on time. Let’s talk about what I can write for you.

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